Review is another power player in the app development market. As Como is backed by Conduit, is also a subsidiary of another company – Excadel, which is one of the leading software engineering companies in the Western hemisphere. was the first company to offer a cloud based environment. Thus, there is no need to download the software onto your computer. Their focus is primarily on delivering simplicity to their customer base, however they are also well known for their features, which is great if you’re looking to build a strong branded app. Below we will delve into the more specifics of the software.


The website may initially come off as confusing. Whereas Como has a standard “features” section, does not. However, the “platform” section on their website has all of the key information to help understand their software. It would be a bit confusing to understand some of the features functionalities and ease of use, however their website goes into detail on what each feature is for. For example, you may not fully grasp the source code editing feature. Yet, the Appery website specifically states that this feature is used for editing automatically generated HTML5’s, JavaScript, and CSS on the client side. This ultimately allows for total customization and flexibility. That said, some important features offered by are:

  • App creator for iOS, Android and HTML5
  • Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) – allows for building of hybrid apps
  • Drag & drop visual UI builder
  • Connect to any REST API
  • Mapping editor
  • Add database to your app
  • Standard and custom private plug ins
  • Multiple JavaScript frameworks (jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap)
  • Collaboration and sharing functionalities
  • Customer console (edit app data and send push notifications)

Ease of Use is quite possible the easiest to use app maker software on the market. For starters, you can generate a complete app in minutes with their App Creator Express. This feature alone allows you to generate visual components and data mapping in just a few clicks. Additionally, the drag and drop editor really makes it quite simple to build your app. And, since is a cloud based environment, it allows for seamless collaboration and sharing options, while offering attractive storage solutions as well.


There is no shortage of pricing plans at In fact, you can choose from five different plans, and this doesn’t even include the ‘Starter’ plan which is free. Essentially, you will likely be paying anywhere between $70 and $135 per month. Below is a chart of pricing plans and what each plan comes with.

Customer Service

We were a bit surprised to see that finding the actual customer support channels was difficult. There are a few icons in the footer of the website that show all of the social media icons and an icon that looks like an envelope. This envelope icon is the one you will want to click on in order to reach a support agent (via email). However, their agents are both supportive and responsive. Because the software is based in the cloud, employs not only software engineers who are customer support reps but also cloud experts. Overall, aside from finding the actual support channels, we were very pleased with the support service.


If you are looking for an app maker that is extremely easy to use while offering a ton of collaboration and overall features, is a no brainer. But don’t be fooled – Appery doesn’t just cater to the technically challenged. If you are looking for mobile innovation at the enterprise level, you have met your match. Furthermore, the pricing options are extremely competitive and the support is top notch. Backed by leading software company Exadel, we believe you will be very pleased with’s app maker software.