NovaStorBACKUP Review

NovaStor is an internationally known backup provider. Headquartered in Switzerland, Novastor stands out over the competition by their sheer amount of experience. They bring over 27 years of experience to the table. While businesses all over the world have likely heard about NovaStor or currently use them as their backup provider, NovaStor also caters to individuals looking for a top quality backup software with their new and improved NovaStorBACKUP Professional. This is NovaStor’s leading product for individuals which provides a wide range of features coupled with personalized customer support. While this product is a great choice for individuals and something we recommend, we strongly endorse NovaStor for businesses looking for a powerful backup software that provides unbeatable value.


When it comes to features, we have mentioned in previous backup reviews that almost all backup providers offer the same features. Even providers who cater to large enterprises generally do not offer anything unique. However, NovaStor clearly wanted to impress in this area. Moreover, there are some companies who provide many extra features that are just there for show. This is not the case with NovaStor. Every feature is extremely useful for the user. For example, NovaStorBACKUP offers their customers the ability to create an image file of their boot disk drive. They also provide a free virus scanner. These are just a few of the countless stand-out features NovaStor offers. Some of their key features include:

  • 2GB FREE of online storage space
  • Mirror files
  • Full restore (even to another computer/device)
  • File versioning
  • HTML log viewer
  • Compression options
  • Supports: all Windows servers
  • Local plug & play media support
  • 10+ Languages
  • Automatic, scheduled or selective backups

We would like to mention that NovaStor speed results were very positive. While every internet connection has an impact on this (and our connection is strong), every company can tweak their service to maintain optimal recovery speeds which NovaStor has evidently done. They claim their speeds are up to four times faster than the competition and this was no exaggeration. We would also like to point out that if you operate a Linux system, NovaStor is not for you as their software currently do not support Linux systems.

Ease of Use

From the novice backup user to the IT professional, NovaStor’s software is one of the easiest backup software’s we have ever used. While the business backup software comes with many fancy features, NovaStor still maintained an easy to use and intuitive user interface. In fact, it is consistent with their ‘Professional’ plan for individuals. NovaStor uses a unique method on file restoration. You will need to create a recovery DVD which allows you to boot into their backup product completely outside of Windows. In turn, this allows you to fully restore your computer. As for the backup process itself, the wizard was very helpful as it provided an easy process. Simply choose the operation you want to perform, select your backup type and files/folders you want to backup or recover, and within minutes it is completed.

NovaStor Backup Wizard

NovaStor (Professional) Backup Wizard


Dollar for dollar, we have not found a better value proposition that what NovaStor is offering both to individuals and businesses alike. The NovaStorBACKUP Professional for individual users will run you $44.95 per computer. Pay one time and never pay again. The business plan, known as Essentials, costs $499.95. This plan comes with free upgrades and a free custom installation directly from a support representative.


NovaStor uses the highly secure, military grade 256-bit encryption for backup and recovery. Additionally, they offer the free virus scanner that was mentioned in the features section. NovaStor has a reputation to uphold and works with many businesses. You can expect top of the line security.

Customer Support

If there was one area that NovaStor particularly stood out in, it was their customer support, even more so than their features. You can not only contact NovaStor over the phone or by email, but NovaStor also sports a live chat agent. Further, with a business plan, you will be provided with initial personalized support. They also offer tons of documentations mainly in the form of PDFs, countless video tutorials and a useful knowledgebase. Lastly, you can even get in touch with NovaStor on all the major social media channels.


NovaStor is a premium backup company for both individuals and especially businesses looking for a backup software. We highly recommend NovaStor to anyone not operating a Linux system. The feature rich software, easy to use wizard and top level customer support make NovaStor an excellent choice for your backup or restoration needs.