Syncovery Review

German based Syncovery was founded in 2004 and were formally Super Flexible File Synchronizer (rebranded in 2012). Syncovery is a front end support to cloud storage services. These include DropBox, Google Drive,, OneDrive, Rackspace, and Amazon S3.  It is both Mac and Windows compatible, and has the most impressive array of features of any synchronization tool we have tested so far. There is a choice of three packages, either the personal, professional or higher edition, and depending on your needs, you will find one of them will have most if not all of the features you will ever need.


One standout feature of this service is the file detection. It detects moved files, so when you move files, the Syncovery’s synchronizer will always keep track of its location and update any changes to the mirrored files on other devices. This includes deleted files as it works even within your recycle bin. This means that if any files are accidentally deleted on your laptop for example, you can restore it on your desktop. Other features include:

  • Cross Device File Synchronization
  • No file size limits
  • No limit on number of files, or filename lengths.
  • Fully supports Unicode characters.
  • Copy several files in parallel.
  • SmartTracking.
  • Copy Locked File
  • Volume Shadowing
  • File Versioning
  • Block Level Copying

Another great feature is the timestamp control. If you are travelling and making changes to files, it can appear like the changes made would be at a different time to when you are actually working due to conflicts with time zones to the files you have back home. Sycovery’s synchronizer allows you to change the settings to ignore time zone changes.

Ease of Use

This service is extremely easy to use. It includes a scheduler so you can decide if you want synchronizations to occur on a fixed schedule either daily, weekly or monthly. Additionally, you can choose if you want them to occur during computer downtime or just before shutdown so as to minimize inconvenience to you.  Also, they offer unattended mode. Here, all relevant synchronization choices can be made in advance in the profile settings. Additionally, there are numerous ways to select files and folders, and you can create file masks and filters in order to navigate your file bank with ease. Moreover, they offer comprehensive internet support. This includes various Internet protocols, including FTP, FTPS, SFTP/SSH, WebDAV, SSL, and HTTP.

Sycovery Dashboard

Syncovery Dashboard


Syncovery have unbeatable security compression and encryption measures. You can easily compress your files and encrypt them with military grade 256-bit AES encryption before transfer. This is a crucial security element as many cloud storage providers don’t offer this.


Syncovery offer basic email support that is extremely responsive. They also have a FAQs page that includes versions for advanced and basic users.


Syncovery is the ideal choice to all home and small business users for cloud storage support. They put you in the driver’s seat with their unbeatable array of features, and their security is essential to all those with lingering concerns about the safety of using cloud storage. You have the option of a 30 day trial period and it takes much less than this to be convinced of its value. This is a service we are more than happy to recommend.

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