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Guest Writing for CloudWedge

Hello there fellow cloud enthusiasts! If you’re in the cloud space, chances are you have heard of us. Oh you haven’t? Where have you been? We’ve been featured on The New York Times, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Dell, CloudWays, Information Week, D Zone, Ring Central, Open Source, Tech Dirt, and yeah – you get the point.

CloudWedge started back in early 2014 as the premier destination for all things related to cloud technology. It’s been a great few years since our inception, and we are looking to expand upon our crazy success. How so? By introducing other cloud enthusiasts to the CloudWedge website, and enabling them to write for us. By doing so, they will open themselves up to a wide range of readership, many of whom are cloud professionals, CTOs, C-level employees, and so forth.

If you have a passion for cloud and technology in general, this is your moment to shine! That said, we do have several guidelines you will need to abide by. We have laid them out below:

  1. We are looking for in-depth coverage on cloud related topics. We do accept general technology related articles from time to time, but these should have some correlation to cloud technology. If you are not sure that your topic will fit our site, please ask us first: cloudwedgeposts@gmail.com
  2. The article must provide value. If you are submitting an article for SEO purposes, we will spot it and reject it. We understand that organic search metrics are important to everyone, but article writing shouldn’t be centered around this. Provide real value to readers and your article will be accepted.
  3. The article must not be promotional in nature. If there is any hint of promotion within the article, we will reject it.
  4. We understand that cloud isn’t exactly a “sexy” topic. Nevertheless, we are looking for value added articles that have a lot of personality to them. Nothing dry. In other words: reading your article should be fun and enjoyable, not just, “oh, not another one of these articles again…”
  5. The article should be well-written and grammatically accurate. We will make small edits, if necessary, to fit our personal standards. However, if the quality is complete trash, that’s where your article will go – straight to our trash.
  6. All articles should be between 700-1500 words.
  7. All articles must be unique and original. It must not have been published anywhere else – online or in print.
  8. Since this will be a guest post, it will be marked as such. You may include a short bio at the bottom of the article, where you can add a link to your website. If your article provides real value as it should, you will also be allowed to link to your website within your article. However, the use of exact match anchor texts is forbidden. If the article provides real value as it should, you will have no problem linking naturally without an exact match anchor.
  9. We reserve the right to remove and links you added to your article. Affiliate links are especially a big no-no.

These guidelines may seem like a lot to handle. However, if you’re all about adding real value and wanting to get your name in front of leading cloud professionals, our guidelines are not insurmountable.

Please email us today to get started on submitting a guest article to us.