Best App Makers of 2024

Remember those mobile phones with very limited capabilities such as the Nokia 6110? You know, the ones that only let you make phone calls, send painful text messages and play Snake? Yeah, neither do we. Today, smartphones and tablets, powered by applications (or apps), have become a significant part of our daily lives. Naturally, anyone with a product, service or business should offer a mobile application. Everyone is familiar with Apple’s attractive catchphrase “there’s an app for that!” In fact, this slogan propelled mobile apps to places we could not have imagined. However, surprisingly, many businesses and people still do not offer a mobile app alongside their website. This is because up until very recently, hiring a developer to create an app could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, the technology world evolves quite rapidly and thus a whole new market of DIY (do it yourself) app makers have sprouted up. This may be one of the largest technological revolutions of the millennium. However, like every market, there are good services and bad ones. Therefore, we have reviewed all of the best app builder software on the market to help you find the right one that suits you best.

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Como $29/month Read Review $25/month Read Review
Appy Pie $7/month Read Review

Years ago, if you knew nothing about app creation or app development, the only option you really had was to hire a developer. Now though, you can develop an app with an app builder of your choice. There is no shortage of do it yourself app creators on the market and there are several benefits to using one. Not only is no prior experience necessary, but this solution is extremely inexpensive. Additionally, the end product delivered by these mobile app builders is nothing short of amazing. You can create a fully functioning app with every possible custom feature you can think of. More importantly, there is no longer a need to create multiple apps for the various operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.) depending on the company you choose. Many app builder companies allow you to build one app which runs impeccably on all platforms. However, this niche is still very new and therefore the quality between the services vary greatly. We have conducted research into the best app maker brands on the market. It is our hope that these app maker software reviews will help you make the best decision for your needs.

How We Evaluate App Maker Tools


It is safe to say that the features offered by the various app maker brands is the most crucial part of the service. With such a broad range of businesses out there, an app creator needs to be able to handle anything thrown their way. Have an e commerce store? What about an events business? Not all app makers have the features you may need. Only a select few brands truly cater to any type of business. We break down the features of each app maker we review.


Ease of Use

The do it yourself app creator niche is a new one and therefore almost every brand uses various tools to make it easier for the user. Still, some are easier than others. The last thing you want is to purchase a plan only to find out you will need to learn code in order to create your app. We go into great detail about the usability and overall user experience from each service.



To say pricing is important in today’s world is an understatement. However, pricing is a very broad term. You could pay $5 per month for a service, whereas a more expensive option would cost around $35 per month. However, what value are you getting from each service? We delve into the price and overall value proposition of each brand.



It is no coincidence that successful brands are generally the ones with the best customer support. A service can offer a fantastic product but if their customer support is terrible, the company will almost likely go belly up. We evaluate the customer support experience in each review, and the response times as well. More importantly, we help determine whether or not a customer support team is well equipped in dealing with more technical inquiries.