5 Surefire Signs You’re Dating a Cloud Geek

Ever since geeks started appearing in the media, from The OC’s Seth Cohen to most of the characters on the Big Bang Theory, the date appeal for geeks has increased exponentially. Geeks are seen as not only intelligent and resourceful but also sensitive and kind. The geek is by no means an endangered species, and they come in many forms. From gadget and comic book geeks to gamers and ‘trekkies’, the newest sub-species comes in the form of the cloud geek. What this means quite simply is that the cloud geek is obsessed with all things cloud. No not in the meteorological sense of the word, but rather Hi-Tech.
For all of you who are dating a geek but are unsure of which type, here are 5 surefire signs you’re dating a cloud geek.

1)      He frequents websites like TechCrunch, PCWorld and CloudWedge


2)      He doesn’t know who the Kardashians are but he can tell you every detail of the NSA leak scandal

NSA logo

3)      Anyone complementing GoogleDrive or Dropbox causes him to walk out of the room

google drive

4)      He has more apps on his phone than you have shoes


5)      He knows that SaaS and PaaS are not insults or northern misspellings but actual services

Online Backup Apps

If two or more of these are applicable to the guy you are seeing than congratulations! You are in fact dating a cloud geek, but don’t worry help is already on hand. Here are two habits to also become a cloud geek and a leader in the industry.