Geek Of The Week: Alicia Asin, CEO Of Libellium

Having founded the company in the year 2006 together with co- founder David Gascon, Alicia Asin also doubles as the CEO of the organization right from its inception. She places a lot of emphasis on her dealings with IoT, Smart Cities and also Wireless Sensor Networks, and as such, she is found speaking at conferences with these focus identities frequently.

The 37 years old CEO is known as the first female recipient of the National Young Entrepreneur award at the 2014 meeting of the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE), she was also recognized as the best business manager in Foreign Trade at the ADE 2011. She is a graduate of the University of Zaragoza where she studies computer engineering, Alicia is also an alumni of the ESADE Business School.

According to Alicia, “Since we entered into the age of information and telecommunications in the 70’s, we had not seen anything similar to the Internet of Things in terms of its potential impact in process change and business ecosystem generation. The IoT is more than a generation for the internet, it is the next technological revolution, horizontal and global, in which we will finally see the digital and physical world blended.”

Libellium is an organization that focuses on the supply of services such as internet of things and also various wireless sensors platforms to aid the quality of life of individuals. The company has its headquarters at Zaragoza, Spain and can fully post of about 50 employees under its own payroll. The company has recorded a massive growth from its inception till this time under Alicia’s leadership.

When she was interviewed on her thoughts on co- starting a company at such young age, Alicia replied, “To be totally honest, we didn’t have a clear idea. We knew that there was a concept called wireless sensor networks and we wanted to be a part of it. We started the company with just two ideas; we saw an incredible opportunity to exploit the new revolution of wireless sensor networks and also we also saw that it was going to be quite easy and also stupid of us not to try it. I am happy that we were not conscious of the problems we were going to face because otherwise, maybe we wouldn’t even be here today.”