Geek of the Week: Asaf Cidon

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The world of cloud storage continues to change by the day. Gone *were* the days of high pricing. Low pricing was introduced to this market, which ultimately led to free cloud storage. Then, in an instant, pricing seemed to start rising again. Talk about a crazy market! But, the one thing in the cloud storage niche that didn’t change all too much? Its (lousy) security. DropBox was getting hacked. Amazon and Google were having problems. The security situation was widespread. Unfortunately, even in 2016, we rarely hear of new cloud storage security measures being put in place.
Well, some interesting news happened this past week in that regard. We noted earlier in the week that Sookasa added security to Box’s cloud storage platform. So with that said, congratulations to Asaf Cidon, CEO of Sookasa, on being named this week’s Geek of the Week!
Sookasa has emerged as a leader within the cloud access security broker (CASB) market. As evidence of Sookasa’s rapid rise in popularity, the security suite can now be integrated directly into your organization’s Box storage accounts.
Sookasa helps your organization monitor things such as file integrity and access rights. For example, you can now integrate Sookasa with Box to generate a report that analyzes user’s activities within the Box environment. These types of reviews will ensure the integrity of your data, while providing administrators with an additional method to ensure the security of your organization’s data.
Sookasa also helps businesses gain perspective on the way their users are sharing files in the cloud. Sookasa can also help prevent users from sharing unauthorized data outside of the company, or even those inside of the company, depending upon how permissions are configured.
And get this: Sookasa’s support for Box opens the CASB up to 54,000 business customers that currently utilize Box’s enterprise grade cloud storage and sharing platform. This is quite impressive to say the least.
As for Mr. Cidon: prior to co-finding Sookasa, he held an engineering position at Google for one year,  then going on to receive his PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University. He was also the project development team leader in the Israel Defense Forces. Additionally, aside from his PhD, he holds a B.S.c. in electrical engineering from the Technion-Machon Institute of Technology in Israel.
Congratulations Asaf!