Geek of the Week: Cian Ó Maidín & Richard Rodger

Image Attribution: RTE

It’s that time of the week again – Geek of the Week! For those of you still unfamiliar with this column (blasphemy?), here is the low down: each week the CloudWedge team chooses a winner in the cloud computing space – someone or several people who have contributed to the growth of the cloud industry. This winner could also have been responsible for something truly genius – a new technology, service, etc.
Without further ado, this week’s Geek of the Week winners are Cian Ó Maidín and Richard Rodger, co-founders of cloud startup NearForm. NearForm uses the Node.js technology which helps build better enterprise systems more efficiently. Node.js was not accessible to developers on a whole. Enter Maidín and Rodger with their newly formed company NearForm. Now, organizations are able to scale the number of concurrent users on their systems with Node.js. Just to give some context: NearForm is not just another cloud startup. Some of their clients using their technology are Intel and Qualcomm.
NearForm was in the cloud news this week on the announcement of plans to create 100 new cloud jobs within the next year. In parallel to this, NearForm just announced that they expect around 200 percent growth in 2015. And to top it off, NearForm has claimed that they have maintained control over their own growth.
Congrats to Cian and Richard!