Geek Of The Week: Dan Burns, CEO Of Optiv Security

Optiv Security, is a global cybersecurity organization that operates various security plans in a bid to aid clients in planning and maintaining their business objectives without the fear of attacks. Services offered by the organization includes expertise in cyber security strategies, consultations in cyber security, risk and compliance information, employees training and provision of support for clients, integration and architecture services and many others.

Founded in the year 2015 as a result of the merger between Fishnet and Accuvant Security, the company is a Colorado- based privately owned company that is being headed by Chief Executive Officer Dan Burns. Prior to becoming CEO at Optiv Security, Dan had gained over 20 years of expertise in various industries including the security, technology and business industry. He had previously worked as the co- founder and CEO of Accuvant prior to the merger, he was also the regional vice president of sales at OneSecure, he also had the experience of working at Exault as the regional vice president of sales also.

Having had these experiences, Dan has a focus of providing clear insights and navigation into the security industry. He believes that successfully running an organization involves creating a more personal relationship with the clients thereby becoming a trusted partner in helping them achieve their goals.

Burns is an Economics graduate from the San Jose State University. Following his leadership, the company currently boasts of well over 1500 employees under their payroll, plus it has constantly recorded massive leaps in its revenue generations. He strives to keep leading an maintain the organization’s reputation as the leading provider of cybersecurity as a software to clients.

When interviewed as to the major goal of the company, Dan said, “Since the emergence of the internet, many public and private entities across the globe have taken a reactive approach to cyber security, buying technologies based on the latest trends and vulnerabilities rather than investing in the right people, processes and technologies to balance security and business needs”. “Optiv is committed to helping clients find a clear path out of the cyber security whirlwind by enabling them to optimize and rationalize their current investments, and allowing them to build sustainable risk-centric foundations for implementing proactive and measurable security.