Geek of the Week: Elad Rave

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It’s our favorite time of the week again – Geek of the Week! Now, how do we choose with all of the incredible stuff happening in the cloud sector? Excellent question. This week turned out to be one of the hardest weeks in our history, until one of our esteemed staff members pointed out something quite intriguing. If you look around, the majority of the cloud news (if not all of it) is based around acquisitions, public, private or hybrid clouds, or cloud security. After seeing this for weeks on end, people who do not fully understand the cloud niche may believe that nothing is really new. A few minor tweaks and voila – a new company gets noticed. While this may not be true, it could be perceived like that. Well this week, we took notice of a company (and the person behind it) that looks to fully optimize the cloud. But don’t all cloud companies do that? Well, technically yes but not in the way this company is doing it.
Before we spoil the surprise, allow us to introduce this week’s Geek of the Week winner: Elad Rave, founder of Teridion.
So why was it so easy to choose Elad (and Teridion as an extension)? Well, easy. Rave and Teridion aren’t currently focused on being acquired (just yet). They aren’t focused specifically on public, private or hybrid cloud computing. They aren’t focused on cloud security. They are simply focused on making the cloud, in general, a better place by increasing its speed by up to 20 times. How so? Our piece from this past week explains: Proprietary algorithms and the Teridion Management System, in conjunction with Teridion Measurement Agents, provide a real-time congestion map of the Internet to find the best possible path, taking into account bandwidth, latency and geography. High performance, low latency – Up to 20x Internet performance improvements. By setting up intelligent routing in the cloud, Teridion ensures that your packets are delivered in the fastest and most efficient method possible. Businesses can gain considerable amount of productivity when bandwidth is no longer a concern. Internet optimization has been around for years, yet Teridion is optimizing internet traffic using the cloud.
As for Elad: he holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Haifa in Israel. Prior to founding Teridion, he founded and is a board member of Elenxos. He also founded Partenos – a company that specialized in the public cloud managed services space. He was also the CEO of Waly intelligent technologies, the founder of Oxygen Capital Group, and the General Manager and VP of R&D for PayWay.
Congratulations Elad!