Geek of the Week: George Kurian, CEO of NetApp

A California based company, NetApp is focused on providing data services in the hybrid cloud data form to organizations. It was founded about 27 years ago by three individuals; David, James and Michael, who came together to solve a major data problem in the community. The company is known for its major expertise in the provision of storage services for proper management of data and applications on cloud for other businesses.

NetApp is also known for its production of various storage devices for effective shelfing. Some of these include an all-flash storage instrument, various forms of storage grids and the likes. NetApp also provides additional services such as partnering with other business applications for purposes such as backup, cloning, and other storage features.

George Kurian joined the company in 2011 after which he was named CEO of the company in 2015, and is also a member of the board of directors. Prior to becoming the CEO, George has shown excellent leadership skills serving as the executive vice president of the Products Operations and also in charge of the strategy and development of the company’s product and solutions portfolio.

Mr. Kurian is named as one of the 9 Indian-origin CEOs ruling the technology industry. With a bachelor of science degree from the Princeton University in electrical engineering and also a master’s degree from the Stanford University in business administration, George has diverse background in various leadership posts which is connected to other companies such as Akamai Technologies, McKinsey & Company, and Oracle Corporation.

As at 2018, the total asset worth of the company was estimated to be about $10.03 billion, with its 2019 net income estimated at about $2.34 billion so far. The company which has an estimated number of employees to be about 10,300 people has managed to maintain a spot on the list of Fortune 500 for about 8 years now. The company was also named as the 2019 Brand of the Year by the Think Global Awards.

It is quite interesting to note that George is a twin, and he has his twin brother, Thomas Kurian, also making some strong waves in the technology industry also. According to the 51 years old father of four, “I am a firm believer that clear and focused priorities, coupled with relentless execution and a world-class team will help us expand our leadership position. I am going to ensure that we remain a leader in this industry by delivering capabilities that will help our customers achieve the outcomes they’re looking for.”