Geek Of The Week: Greg Galant, CEO Of Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a public relations focused company that was founded in 2009 by Greg Galant who also doubles as the CEO of the company. The company is one that is focused on helping PR teams to effectively increase the quality of their services by providing them with free, automatically updated portfolios to showcase their work and to provide information about what stories they’re looking for, their personal interests and how they prefer to be pitched.

Greg Galant started off as a known entity in the field from as young as 14 years of age when he founded an award-winning web development firm. He is a self-taught website designer and also a serial entrepreneur. Muck Rack started off from an observation that identifying journalists on social media was kind of difficult, especially for people not too familiar with the field. Thus, he created an end- to- end platform on which these professionals can be found quite easily. The company has steadily grown without any monetary contribution from ny venture or institution as it was a major thing for them to grow on other people’s terms.

Asides being the founder of the Muck Rack organization, Greg Galant is also known as the founder of the Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards is one that was launched as a means of officially recognizing the most influential in any given Topic on twitter. Being a twitter guru himself (@gregory), this award has gone on to bee one of the leading award show to honour the best of social media now. He has previously worked as an associate producer at CNN before moving on to creating various ventures himself; some successful, others not successful.

Greg Galant has been recognized on various platforms on different accounts such as the Best Young Tech Entrepreneur by Businessweek. He is also a contributing writer to platforms such as the Fortune, Forbes and Business Insider. Greg is considered s one of the mentors through the Entrepreneurs Organization, he is also a frequent speaker at various types of journalism events, having given presentations at SXSW, LeWeb, Harvard Business School and also The International Journalism Festival.

With Greg, the focus is on having a really modern, up-to- date and working interface platform that is useful to clients. According to Greg, “when you’re 90% done building your product, get ready for the second 90%”.