Geek of the Week: Jeff Ray

We have seen a lot of positive changes in the world of modern education. However, the one thing that is still lacking is technology improvements for students worldwide. How could this be, especially in the year 2016? With the emergence of cloud technology years ago, and the entrprenurial mindset of this great nation, some sort of cloud product should have hit the market to help better the student learning experience. Unfortunately, that was not the case, until recently.
Before we go any further, allow us to introduce this week’s Geek of the Week: Jeff Ray, President & CEO of Ellucian.
If you missed it, this past week Ellucian dropped some major news by announcing their strategic partnership with AWS in bringing cloud apps to higher education. Ellucian provides an entire suite of software designed for educational institutions. Currently, over 2,400 college and universities use software by Ellucian. With Ellucian bringing much of its software to the Amazon cloud, educational organizations from around the world will be able to deploy Ellucian’s most popular titles in a scalable environment.
As for Mr. Ray: he has more than 35 years of experience and heled several leadership roles at various enterprise software companies. This includes senior roles at Ventyx, Dassault Systemes, SolidWorks, Progress Software, Compuware, Syntel and IBM. He holds a B.S.c. in Economics from Texas A&M University.
Bringing cloud apps to higher education is no small deal. Cloud tech will play a massive role in delivering better student learning experience going forward. Congratulations Jeff!