Geek Of The Week: Jensen Huang, CEO Of Nvidia

Jensen is a Taiwanese born, American businessman. In 1993, he co- founded the graphics- chip maker company; Nvidia and has ever since acted as both the CEO and the President of the company since inception. The company went public about 6 years after its founding which can be recorded as a huge success rating.

Nvidia, which was originally created as a computer gaming chips creator has over the years fully expanded to become a chip designing company for data centers and also autonomous cars under the leadership of Jensen. Under his leadership, Nvidia stock has progressively grown at an average of about 1,500 percent from around $14.40 per share in May 2013 to around $232 per share in more recent times, the total stock market value has also been estimated to over $140 billion in total.

According to Jensen, “I am the product of my parents’ dreams and aspirations, I owe them a great deal. My father’s dream and my mother’s aspiration for our success are what ultimately put us here.” When he was asked of what he took him to create the company and also maintain it, Jensen said, “ it is incredibly hard to start a business. The depths of despair, the torture, the great joy of doing something the world has never done before is beyond what words can describe and unless you believe you are going to make a contribution, you cannot go down that journey.

Today, 56 years old Jensen Huang has been estimated to a worth of about $5.6 billion by Forbes. He has been recognized on a number of Forbes listing including; Forbes 400, innovative leaders 2019, billionaires 2019, richest in tech 2017, 61 highest paid CEOs and also the global game changers 2016 list. 

He is also known for his philanthropic gestures; he was awarded for his work in both the corporate and philanthropic work by recognizing him as he Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s Pioneer Business Leader Award recipient in 2007, amidst many others. Huang is an electrical engineering graduate with his Bachelor of science degree from the Oregon state university, he also has a Master of Science degree in engineering from the Stanford University and is a married father of two children.

According to Huang, “Nvidia didn’t change the world by changing what it does. Rather, it has earned the opportunity to change the world by doing things the world needs.”