Geek of the Week: Jim Murphy

Looking through our previous Geek of the Week winner’s, we noticed that no hosting or VoIP related industry experts had ever won the award. Nothing against these types of companies but there is very little extra they can offer that completely “wows” potential customers in relation to what other cloud companies can offer. Companies like Vend, that are reinventing point of sale systems, can, for the most part, outdo hosting or VoIP service providers. There is no real “reinventing” for hosting or VoIP. If one of these companies were to win, the new offering would have to have us look twice…and that’s exactly what happened this past week.
Before we get to the news, allow us to introduce this week’s Geek of the Week winner: Jim Murphy, CEO of Broadvoice.
Earlier this week, Broadvoice announced the launch of an enterprise class hosted communication and collaboration suite of services – Unified Communications Suite. So, why is this news? Well, not only is Broadvoice focusing on their product offering, but they are also improving on increasing productivity and efficiency for their customers. This includes using tools such as virtual fax and visual voicemail – tools that enable mobile workforces to communication better. Mr. Murphy went on to say, “The launch of our Unified Communication Suite continues to build on our mission by further extending our platform with communication tools that allow organizations to connect to what’s important to them. Our pre-launch customers were able to quickly realize the benefits of the integrated solution that allowed them to improve communications with increasingly mobile workforces.”
Mr. Murphy is not only credited with this new offering, but he is behind some of the largest strategic partnerships in this category. Broadvoice currently partners with massive conglomerates such as At&T, Cisco and Verizon.
As for Mr. Murphy: he has over two decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. He holds a degree in Communications from California State University Northridge. His prior experience includes Ikano Communications (executive vice president), DSL Extreme and Rampage Cellular (co founded).
Congratulations Jim Murphy!