Geek of the Week: Joshua Vautour

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The cloud platform management space is one of the most difficult niches to compete in. On top of the massive amounts of solutions that are out there, if you are an executive at one of these companies not named Microsoft, Amazon or Google (who all hog the limelight in this niche), you would generally have a lot to deal with. That said, before we go any further on that thought, allow us to introduce this week’s Geek of the Week winner: Joshua Vautour, CEO of AirVM.
For enterprises, finding a cloud platform management solution is a daunting task, mainly because they generally are choosing between the ‘Big 3’ – Microsoft, Amazon or Google. And let’s be honest – what are the real differences in each of their solutions? But, there is a new solution in town that is gaining some serious traction – AirSembly by AirVM (AirVM was recently recognized by VMWare as providing this top cloud platform management solution).
The allure of vCloud Air is that you can replicate your virtual machines in the cloud in case of a disaster scenario situation. Other organizations simply run all of their virtualized servers in the cloud. For those that do primarily utilize the vCloud Air platform, AirSembly by AirVM is being touted by VMware as being one of the most highly recommended cloud management platforms for vCloud Air workloads.
Under Mr. Vautour’s leadership, AirVM has grown to become a global leader in the cloud enablement software market.
As for Mr. Vautour himself: prior to working for AirVM, he held various senior positions at NJ Tech Solutions, Momentous, Zip, Rebel, Pool and ExpertHost. He holds a B.S.c. from the University of Ottawa.
Congratulations Joshua!