Geek of the Week: Ken Shaw

Get ready for GEEK OF THE WEEK! It’s going to be a surprise! Okay, the world isn’t collapsing but this is the first time we can remember where we picked a winner that has not made headlines in the past week. However, the headlines were made roughly two weeks ago so that’s close enough right?
To be honest, we received this nomination a few months ago. By a few, we mean six. So, it is someone who we’ve had our eye on for a long time. Though, each time this person or the company affiliated with this person dropped some big news, the winner for the next week was already chosen! We wanted to name this person the winner last week but, as we mentioned, the books were closed. So, why last week? Well, this person’s company just cracked the disaster recovery cost barrier to deliver simple and affordable failover to every company (yes, even the little guys). That said, congratulations to Ken Shaw, CEO of Infrascale, on being named this week’s Geek of the Week!
In the age of data, businesses aren’t holding back. Tons of data are being created by these businesses, whom rely on their systems availability to keep the business safe and operational. The problem is that businesses have found traditional disaster recovery solutions expensive, complex and insecure. That is now history with Infrascale’s Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA). This is an all-in-one disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution that offers push-button failover, enabling any company to continue operations in the wake of a server failure, application outage, or natural disaster. With a push of a button, CFA can fail over virtual machines, servers, and applications in seconds, and an entire site in 15 minutes or less.
Obviously (and as always), occurrences like these are a team effort. However, this was execute under the guidance of Mr. Shaw. As for Mr. Shaw: “Prior to founding Infrascale and SOS Online Backup, Mr. Shaw consulted for the US Government on offshore technology trade policy, prior to which, he ran Safe Offsite Pty Ltd, and JNS Technology, two related businesses in Australia, that focused on custom private cloud backup, storage and content management solutions for SMBs,” reads his profile on the Infrascale website.
Congratulations Ken!