Geek Of The Week: Martti Hedman: CEO Of ColorCon

Colorcon is a known world leader in the development, supply and support of formulated products for the pharmaceutical industry. Colorcon provides a wide range of pharmaceutical film coatings and formulation development assistance with its fully formulated, complete film coating systems, modified release technologies, and excipients assisting all pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement companies in the development of cost-effective, high quality products with superior performance and appearance.

The organization is currently being headed by CEO Martti Hedman who has been serving in that capacity since the year 2013. Prior to becoming CEO, Martti has served in various roles in the company such as the President for middle East, Europe and Africa, the VP for global commercial operations, the VP for coatings and Excipients and also the sales and marketing director for the organization. As such, he brings in over 5 years of experience working in the organization. Martti is a graduate of the Turku school of Economics where he has a masters degree.

More recent development by the organization is the launch of its new on site solution platform for its clients. This was launched as a response to new guidelines from regulators and accessible technology, thereby its on-dose solutions will provide a more robust and reliable means of identifying and deterring counterfeiting, verifying product authenticity, and ensuring product traceability. Through extensive research and development, Colorcon has created a unique coating system to address this global problem.

Colorcon continues to advance technologies and services to meet industry challenges with innovative solutions. This latest technology yet again demonstrates Colorcon’s leadership in responding to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, bringing novel solutions that are efficient to deliver with dependable performance.

According to Martti Hedman, “we work to excel by offering our customers the shortest possible lead times for commercial products, developmental samples, and regulatory documentation; delivering excellence with valued services. We strive to be a truly global partner by serving the development community and supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry in every corner of the world. The whole Colorcon organization works relentlessly to make it increasingly easier for our customers to work and do business with us.”