Geek Of The Week: Matt Carter, CEO Of Aryaka

Aryaka is a known global leader in the field of SD-WAN providers and is also known to have the fastest growing solution of SD-WAN in the current industry. Using these solutions created, Aryaka clients can easily enhance the rate of functionality of their business- critical applications that helps in increasing their growth and also in enabling their digital transformation. With a purpose built network, optimization and acceleration techniques and also cloud connectivity platforms, Aryaka uses their SD-WAN solution to create a platform that is highly visible as a service and also helps to fully execute their client’s demands.

Founded in 2008 by Ajit Gupta (Speedera founder), Ashwath Nagaraj and Rajeev Bharadhwaj and its headquarters located at California, USA, Aryaka is a privately owned firm that is currently headed by Matt Carter who became the CEO of Aryaka in 2018, having had over 20 years of senior leadership experience in various cloud- related industries such as the enterprise networking, cloud and digital technology industries.

Prior to becoming CEO at Aryaka, Matt has held a number of executive management roles such as President and CEO of Inteliquent Inc, executive positions, President of Sprint Enterprise Solutions, President of Boost Mobile. These prior positions offered him the privilege of being well prepared for his current role. Under his leadership, Aryaka recently raised $50 million in a series F funding round that was led by Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing.

Matt Carter is a graduate of the Northwestern University from where he had his bachelor’s degree, he also has a master’s degree in General Management from the Harvard Business School. The CEO is known as an expert in the cloud- based and technology industry, therefore his role in heading the company’s operations has been highly effective in maintaining the company’s vision for the connected world.

When questioned about his vision for leading the company forward, Matt said, “We are not a huge company, so we do not have the sales reach that others do, despite the fact that we have a quality product that is better than most out there in the market place. This gives us a chance to think more about how we can provide value and target the benefits our technology provides. My mandate was to come in and really get the company to the next stage of growth. Business is strong but it will only get stronger!”