Geek of the Week: Michael Dubin, CEO of Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave company is an American company that delivers shaving razor and other grooming materials on monthly subscription. The company was founded in 2011 by Mark Dubin who doubles as the CEO of the company.

According to a statement released by the founder and CEO of the company, “ we have a mission, which is to help guys take care of their minds and bodies so they can be their best selves”. Michael who is a graduate of the Emory University initially started work in the marketing and advertising industry, he worked in a number small business units and also took night lessons in corporate finance to help him see the business world in a new light.

The idea of the Dollar Shave club came to him when he met his friend’s father-in-law at a party talking of how he needed to offload a warehouse of razor blades. At that point, he thought of a solution of having these blades effectively delivered to customers at lower charges.

From this point onward, this little solution eventually did grow to a multidollar company. He registered the company domain and the rest they say is history. After the official launch of the company, the company has recorded a variety of investors including Kirsten Green who is the founder of Silicon Valley-based Forerunner Ventures.

As at 2015, Dollar Shave Company was named as the number one online razor company claiming about 51% of the market. The company keeps on growing and increasing its revenue, starting out with $6 million in 2012, the company was said to be at a value over $250 million by 2017 and is still on the verge of massive growth.

In 2016, the company was announced to be acquired by Unilever company for a reported sum of $1 billion making Michael a part of the Unilever team. However, Michael still has not lost his focus of the original vision he has for the company.

Over the last two years, the company has progressed into releasing a line of toiletries such as hair gel, body wash and the likes. It also recently took to releasing health and wellness content for men only in its new magazine launch, making it one of the very few companies in that line. The company was recently revealed to have more that 4 million members now.

According to the 40 years old CEO, “the goal is to help members understand their skin and hair care needs, then create a customized assortment of products that will be delivered to them a couple times a year.