Geek of the Week: Parker Conrad

Image Attribution: Bloomberg

Over the past year and a half, we have had some difficult times in choosing the winner of our famed Geek of the Week column. This week was no different, especially when companies like Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce delivered big time cloud news. Yet, sometimes we come across a “smaller” company that is doing some really big things. Despite all of the progress that these major companies are making in the cloud field, a smaller company has managed to capture our attention.
The company that has captured our attention this week is Zenefits. Zenefits offers free online HR software. Benefits, payroll, onboarding – you name it, Zenefits offers this all in one platform. This past week, Zenefits made major headlines by securing an additional $500 million in funding and a valuation of a whopping $4.5 BILLION. Yes, with a ‘B.’ Currently, Zenefits employs close to 1,000 workers however this is likely to double by the end of the year.
That said, we would like to award this week’s honors to Zenefits founder Parker Conrad. Under his vision and leadership, Zenefits has grown significantly – well over 10,000 customers and growing. Congratulations Parker!