Geek Of The Week: Patrick P. Gelsinger, CEO Of VMware

VMware is a widely known cloud technology leader company, it provides its clients with services in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology which hastens rapid growth in it digital transformation. VMware is fully known as a virtualization and cloud computing software provider.

The California based company was founded about 20 years ago and is currently a publicly traded company. Founded by Diane Greene and four other co-founders, the company provides its clients with a large range of products which include the VMware vSphere, VMware Integrated Openstack, VMware Service Manager, VMware ThinApp and many other of such products.

Prior to becoming the CEO of the company in September 2012, Patrick Gelsinger had served in key roles in other organizations including serving as the first Chief Technology Officer at Intel Corporation, and also the President and Chief Operating Officer of The EMC Information Infrastructure Products. Asides being CEO, Patrick has also authored and co-authored books in a bid to share his knowledge gained to the general public.

The 58 years old CEO is known for his strong beliefs in Christianity and also for his charity works as it has been said that he gives away up to about 50% of his income to charity. According to an annual survey by employment website Glassdoor, Patrick was ranked as the best CEO in America for all U.S large companies.

When asked about the company’s recent focus on solving evolving cybersecurity challenges, he said,” Your customers are looking for more and just giving them another warm blanket, expecting that’s going to stop bullets doesn’t do it. Your customers want less products, they want more value- and particularly in the security area, that’s true. We think VMware is a critical component of that as you are building capabilities.”

Gelsinger has all his degree titles in Electrical Engineering and they include; a Bachelor’s degree from the Santa Clara University and a Master’s degree from the Stanford University, he is also an associate of the Lincoln Technical Institute and a Fellow of the IEEE. In 2008, he was awarded with an honorary Doctorate degree from the William Jessup University and he also has seven patents in communications, computer architecture and VLSI design.

As at 2018, under Patrick’s leadership, the company was rated with a total revenue of about $8.97 billion. In 2017, the company was ranked number three on the list of Highest Paying Companies in the U.S according to Glassdoor with its total employees number placed at about 21,700 individuals.