Geek of the Week: Prat Moghe

Are you ready for this week’s Geek of the Week? As always, we are, and this week (like last week) is another surprise winner. Before we get to the winner, we would like to point out that the company under this person’s management is a startup that has attracted a cool $20 million in its latest round of funding. While money has been flying around the past few years, especially for startups, this is a major accomplishment at the end of the day. We tend to hear about all of the “success” stories and how certain companies have raised money. Yet, for every funding example there are hundreds who do not gain the exposure, attention, and ultimately money they need for expansion.
That said, allow us to introduce this week’s Geek of the Week winner: Prat Moghe, Founder and CEO of Cazena.
Cazena was in the news this week and not just because of its $20 million in funding. They were essentially flying under the radar. There was little to no exposure about them. And then poof – they all of a sudden emerge from stealth mode in order to deliver their revolutionary Big Data as a Service offering. Cazena claims that it’s Big Data as a Service product is the first of its kind that is specially tailored for enterprises. In just three clicks, organizations can begin implementing Big Data as a Service using the Cazena cloud platform. Some of the largest difficulties facing organizations who want to implement Big Data are security, movement of data and the overall complexity involved with implementing a solution. With Cazena, organizations no longer have to worry about these barriers to entry since Cazena has streamlined these problems by baking in features and functionality that allow anyone to begin using Big Data analytics for their enterprise.
As for Mr. Moghe: he is a successful big data entrepreneur with close to twenty years of experience in inventing next-gen technology products and team building. He has held various positions at IBM Netezza, Tizor, StreamCenter, and Bell Labs. He holds numerous patents and received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.
Congratulations Prat!