Geek of the Week: Rehan Jalil

Starting this week, CloudWedge will nominate a ‘Geek of the week’ to any CloudLeader who has been in the news in the last week that we feel deserves special mention or praise.

To kick this off the first geek is Rehan Jalil CEO of Elastica. Last week Elastica received a whopping $6.3 million from the Mayfield Fund, but that is not why we nominate Jalil for this weeks honor. What impressed us the most here at CloudWedge was that despite several offers to sell, Jalil turned them all down because of his devotion to the vision. He said “We want to build a company. We think we have a big problem to solve, and it’s a very easy problem to understand,”

It also doesn’t hurt to mention that he previously built up Wichorus which was sold for $180 million.

He is said to enjoy running, biking, and weekends in the office with his kids.