Geek Of The Week: Shashi Jasthi, CEO Of Solugenix

Solugenix is a known information technology firm that focuses on providing its clients with  comprehensive solutions required for their operations. The company is known as one of the founders for information technology in the industry with a record of having partnered with other major organizations such as McDonald’s, Microsoft, CIT Group, Johnson & Johnson, Herbalife, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and many others. 

Founded in 1969 by T. Russell Shields, the company has its headquarters in California and it currently boasts of about 450 employees. It has recorded a sales revenue of about $31 Million making it being listed among one of Forbes Small Giants 2019.

Shashi Jasthi is the President and also doubles as the CEO of Solugenix. In accordance with his role, Shashi is fully responsible for ensuring that proper business operations are driven through innovative technology and business solutions thereby driving high quality of partner and client value. He brought in over 20 years of expertise in various feeds such as Information Technology and also Consulting organizations.

Shashi holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, an MS in Computer Science from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, India. Shashi lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife and two children.

Jasthi has previously served in different roles, including Senior Technical Associate at ZS Associates (1989- 1992), Principal Consultant at SEI Information Technology ( 1992- 1997), Manager at Navteq (1998- 1999), Managing Director at both Seranova (2000- 2001) and Eupath (2001- 2004), before becoming the CEO in 2004. He currently has an approval rating of 75% making him one of the most loved CEO in the technology industry.

As a recreational activity, Shashi is known for his singing skills as he can sing some oldies on an acoustic guitar that can clear a large public park in under 2 minutes.