Geek of the Week: Simon Berg

A few months ago we launched a feature called Geek of the Week. Every week, CloudWedge nominates a ‘Geek of the week’ to any cloud leader who has been in the news in the last week that we feel deserves special mention or praise.

We are happy to announce this weeks’ Geek of the Week is Simon Berg, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ceros. We spoke about him in our article ‘Can Anyone Challenge Adobe Creative Cloud?’ We have decided to give him this award as, due to his vision, Ceros are fast becoming a rival to creative giant Adobe.

Simon defines himself as “a passionate, driven, hands-on leader and entrepreneur, with a short fuse if I hear anyone say “It’s just always been that way”.”

Prior to Ceros, Simon for 19 years at Group FMG starting off as the Tea Boy & General dogs body he quickly worked up the ranks to CEO.