Geek of the Week: Brad Smith

This week’s geek of the week has a reputation for leadership and direction that is both unconventional and extremely effective. In order to motivate his team back in 2006, he pledged that he would don a 1920’s style swim suit and jump into a pond if targets were met. When his team succeeded he took the plunge. So without further ado, this week’s geek of the week is none other than Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit.

We quoted Brad earlier this week in relation to his statement that three quarters of Intuit’s planned revenue for 2017 will be from cloud computing. We felt that this deserved our award as we feel that this shows both vision and a strong direction to the cloud, which is always something to be celebrated.

Just to give a little context for those not yet familiar with this series: early this year, the CloudWedge team launched a feature called Geek of the Week. In this feature we award the prestigious honor of ‘Geek of the Week’ to someone from our news posts of that week we feel have done something that deserves special mention or praise. This is either directly through their actions or those of their companies. This award is a certification of honor as the receiver is considered to be a ‘cloud leader.’

Brad has worked his way up the ranks of Intuit before finally becoming CEO. He has served as senior vice president and general manager of Intuit’s small business division, senior vice president and general manager of QuickBooks; He also worked as senior vice president and general manager for their consumer tax group and as vice president and general manager of Intuit’s accountant central and developer network. Prior to joining Intuit, Brad worked in several executive positions including, senior vice president of marketing and business development of ADP.

Brad has a master’s degree in management from Aquinas College in Michigan as well as a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Marshall University in West Virginia.