Geek of the Week: Craig Malloy

CloudWedge took a short hiatus on doing the regular Geek of the Week edition, primarily due to the holiday season. But now, we’re back! Several months ago, the CloudWedge team founded the ‘Geek of the Week’ column – a weekly publication naming someone who is a cloud leader or entrepreneur. Often times, this person or person’s company has made headlines in some way throughout the past week. This week was filled with some pretty big cloud news. Nevertheless, a decision had to be made on who would be crowned this week’s CloudWedge Geek of the Week. That said, we would like to give this week’s honor to Craig Malloy, CEO and founder of Lifesize.
Earlier this week, Lifesize debuted their new Icon 400 product – an enterprise grade cam built specifically with organizations in mind that require quality, reliability and accessibility when video conferencing.
Craig started Lifesize over a decade ago (2003). After only six years, in 2009 Lifesize was acquired by industry giant Logitech. According to Craig’s bio, he has video communications experience from VTEL Corporation since 1994. In addition to this, Craig showed his true entrepreneurial spirit by launching a startup named ViaVideo in 1996, which was subsequently bought by Polycom two years later. So, Craig is no stranger to the startup world and the potential exits that come along with it. Still, it is not every day that you come across someone with multiple success stories. This alone makes him worthy of Geek of the Week.
Craig holds a B.S. from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from UCLA – The Anderson School of Management.