Geek of the Week: Danelle Au

Image Attribution: Adallom

This week’s Geek of the Week comes somewhat as a surprise. Not because this person doesn’t deserve to win but rather because of where this person’s focus is in terms of the cloud. Allow us to elaborate.
Often times when we think of cloud computing, our defense instincts take over. It always seems that when our IT departments are building a cloud environment, the first thing that comes to mind is: will it be secure? Is this a safe move? This is the driving force behind cloud security’s recent surge in business. Gartner predicts that cloud security growth will reach $3.7 billion by next year (2016). With so many companies focusing on cloud security, it is difficult to sift through all of the major players in this niche.
That said, this week’s winner goes above and beyond in combating the fears associated with cloud computing. Congratulations to Danelle Au, Vice President of Strategy for Adallom!
Earlier this week, Danelle contributed a great piece about Shadow IT or Emergent IT. If your organization is chained by the shadow IT mindset, it can cause real damage. Reduced productivity and satisfaction from employees, security workarounds, etc. – these are real problems that come along with a mindset like this. However, once empowered by Emergent IT, employees can make quicker decisions which will lead to greater satisfaction and productivity, along with less security risks.
Adallom is a company with a simple goal: to make securing your data in any cloud a simple process. According to the Adallom website, “We govern cloud usage and address compliance mandates. We detect risky behaviors and anomalies, and protect your users in real time.” However, many corporate leaders still fear the cloud. While Adallom doesn’t actively promote this on their website, they are trying to change corporate perception about cloud usage to a more positive one.
Congratulations Danelle!