Geek of the Week: Harald Zapp

For a little over one year now, we have run our weekly ‘Geek of the Week’ column. This column focuses on someone this past week who has made a difference in the ‘cloud’ market. As is the case every week, especially with an incredible amount of information to sift through, it makes it very difficult to choose a winner. More importantly, the “little guys” generally have a much harder time winning Geek of the Week simply because cloud industry giants are either coming up with game changing stuff or buying these technologies. So when we come across lesser known companies who really are trying to revolutionize the space they are in, we get extra excited. All that said, let’s get to it!
We are happy to announce that Harald Zapp, CEO & Founder of Relayr, is this week’s Geek of the Week. Relayr made headlines earlier this week for winning 30,000 Euros at the CODE_n startup competition for their IoT (Internet of Things) innovation named Wunderbar. As we reported this week, “The WunderBar is a device that possess sensors that sends data back to the cloud. The idea behind Relayr’s WunderBar is that developers can use the product to begin building their own sensor-based products.” While we realize it was most definitely a team effort, the award can unfortunately go to one person. Harald’s leadership played a sizable role in Wunderbar’s success.
As for Mr. Zapp: prior to his work at Relayr, Harald has over 25 years of experience in the ICT-Industry. He also worked for Cisco Systems Europe, SynOptics, Wang Laboratories and he was one of three Managing Directors at Attensity Europe.