Geek of the Week: Jahangir Mohammed

CloudWedge has thankfully been extremely busy with staying on top of all of the cloud news and contributed stellar content we receive each week. We try to get around to Geek of the Week each week, and we rarely miss out on this. This unfortunately happened last week. However, we are back, alive and kicking!
Without further ado, we award this week’s Geek of the Week honors to Jahangir Mohammed, founder and CEO of Jasper – the ON Switch for the Internet of Things. Mr. Mohammed has a long history of entrepreneurship. Before Jasper, he founded Kineto and also worked at Bell Labs.
This past week, Jasper was in the news regarding their partnership formation with cloud giant Salesforce. This partnership will integrate Jasper’s enterprise Internet of Things offerings with Salesforce’s customer success platform. This will essentially all but assure not only growth in the fast evolving Internet of Things market, but will merge real time data from both platforms to give a singular view of their IoT services. This will, in effect, show the impact these services will have on their customers worldwide.
Jahangir Mohammed holds an MSEE from Concordia University in Montreal and a BE from CIT in India. Congratulations Jahangir!