Geek of the Week: Julien Signes

After a short hiatus, CloudWedge are happy to announce the return of our Geek of the Week feature. For anyone who is not yet familiar with this series. A while ago, the CloudWedge team launched a feature called Geek of the Week. In this feature we award the prestigious honor of ‘Geek of the Week’ to someone from our news posts of that week we feel have done something that deserves special mention or praise. This is either directly through their actions or those of their companies. This award is a certification of honor as the receiver is considered to be a ‘cloud leader.’

So without further adieu, this week’s geek of the week award goes to Julien Signes, CEO and co-Founder of Envivio. We quoted Signes in an article earlier this week in reference to Envivio’s Unveiling of their Nuage SaaS Video Suite. Within his role as CEO at Envivio, Julien is responsible for navigating the strategy and its execution within the company.

Before establishing Envivio, Julien worked in research and development for France Telecom in Rennes, France, and San Francisco. His primary focus was on technology and strategy projects, and specifically, on new multimedia services. He played a significant part in the ISO standardization process to develop different MPEG-4 projects. Julien currently holds 7 patents for his standardization work, and has been awarded with the young Investigator award from ISO and SPIE.

Julien has a degree in Software and Electrical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom, Paris.