Geek of the Week: Mark Barrenechea

It’s that time of the week again – Geek of the Week!
This past week was an action packed week filled with some significant cloud news. As always, it is quite difficult to pick a winner from the hundreds of potential candidates. However, there must be a winner at the end of the day. So without further ado, the winner is: Mr. Mark J. Barrenechea – CEO of Opentext!
Mr. Barrenechea has, for the most part, been away from day to day operations at OpenText due to a battle with leukemia. However, that has not stopped him from expressing his opinion and guiding the company to the cloud.
OpenText saw about $1.5 billion in revenue in 2014, much of which came from the cloud (one third). Realizing that cloud will be the go to solution for many companies worldwide, Mr. Barrenechea is moving quickly to adapt to these changes. In an earlier news piece this week, he mentioned, “As we look to the future, we see customers transitioning to the cloud and this is the new growth opportunity; we will follow that growth opportunity, and be the market leading EIM business in the cloud.”
Congratulations Mark!