Geek of the Week: Nils Brauckmann

Continuing our weekly tradition of geek of the week, this week’s geek was selected from a number of candidates. It was a long and ardent process, specifically with all of the major cloud news this week. However, there could only be one winner. We selected him for a variety of reasons, one of which is furthering efficiency and simplicity when building out an IaaS private cloud. Without further ado, this week’s geek of the week is Nils Brauckmann, president and general manager of SUSE. Earlier this week, we mentioned SUSE in an article about the release of SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5.
Just to give a little context for those not yet familiar with this series: early last year, the CloudWedge team launched a feature called Geek of the Week. In this feature, we award the prestigious honor of ‘Geek of the Week’ to someone from our news posts of that week we feel have done something that deserves special mention or praise. This is either directly through their actions or those of their companies. This award is a certification of honor as the receiver is considered to be a ‘cloud leader.’
Nils started off his career in the software industry, with prior experience at WRQ Software and Attachmate, both of which are located in Europe (as is SUSE). Since joining SUSE over three years ago, Nils has managed to take SUSE to another level, including building and maintaining strong growth partnerships.
Richard has a degree in Engineering from the University of Wuppertal  located in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.