Geek of the Week: Richard Lingsch

Continuing our weekly tradition of geek of the week, this week’s geek was selected from a number of candidates. He selected him simply as he is one of the founders of a now leading company in the industry. Without further ado, this week’s geek of the week is Richard Lingsch, president and co-founder of eApps Hosting. We mentioned eApps this week in our article about the top 3 PaaS providers for the coming year, and felt this warranted our cloud leader award.

Just to give a little context for those not yet familiar with this series: early this year, the CloudWedge team launched a feature called Geek of the Week. In this feature we award the prestigious honor of ‘Geek of the Week’ to someone from our news posts of that week we feel have done something that deserves special mention or praise. This is either directly through their actions or those of their companies. This award is a certification of honor as the receiver is considered to be a ‘cloud leader.’

Richard started of his career in the IT consulting division of Deloitte and Touche. He then founded eApps in 1986, under a different name, Strategic Systems Consulting’, along with two colleagues from Deloitte and Touche. eApps did not offer their hosting services until the mis 90’s and have now built up a premier service.

Richard has a Masters from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, in accountancy, accounting and information systems. He also has a bachelor of arts in economics from Hiram College, in Ohio.