Geek of the Week: Richard Munro

Sunday fun-day! It’s that time of the week again: Geek of the Week, presented by CloudWedge!
Last week, we had a CEO and founder win the Geek of the Week award (partly because of his amazing moustache, but mainly because of the amazing cloud software platform his company delivers). Though all Geek of the Week winners have their own incredible stories, we feel as though last week was truly special, as we are very fond of Vend’s platform (and of course Mr. Rowsell’s moustache). We thought, going forward, it would be very difficult to replicate our feelings toward another Geek of the Week winner, at least for quite some time. Little did we know that just one week later, we would be in shock and awe.
Before we get to the story, allow us to introduce this week’s winner: Richard Munro – VMWare CTO for vCloud Air!
So, what’s so special about Mr. Munro? For those of you who missed it, see here. Panasonic had been touting its new lineup of Toughpad tablets. They made a claim that this lineup enables productivity from any location on Earth. Well, Mr. Munro decided to not only test out this claim by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet) and turning on his Toughpad FZ-X1, but he also demonstrated to the world that you can build a virtual machine hosted within his VMware hybrid cloud.
To be fair, this was also a good time to take on the vCloud Air challenge, which was clearly a big part of the reason why Mr. Munro went. The end goal was to show VMWare customers that “with a true hybrid cloud not only can you deliver enterprise IT in the public cloud and from one of the most extreme environments on earth, but you can also do things in minutes that would take a traditional IT department months to do on-premises.”
Congratulations Richard Munro!