Geek of the Week: Vaughan Rowsell

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Over the past year and change, we’ve had some pretty interesting and well-known individuals win our prestigious Geek of the Week award. However, it is not often that we award an individual from a “smaller” country. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our past winners have been from the United States. Overseas nominees have a hard time competing with their American counterparts.
This week, though, was a different story. Actually, this week’s winner not only won, but crushed the competition…and there was no shortage of competition this week. Additionally, this winner not only goes about business in a professional manner, but he (and subsequently his company) listens to their customers before delivering a phenomenal product. Oh, and he has a kick ass moustache to boot.
Without further ado, we are happy to announce this week’s Geek of the Week: Vaughan Rowsell, founder and CEO of Vend.
Though Mr. Rowsell has been receiving a nice amount of exposure recently, especially from this past week’s news, he should receive a lot more attention, and not just because of his manly moustache! Mr. Rowsell, along with the entire Vend team, are changing the way we see point of sale systems. Traditional POS systems costs an unbelievable amount of money to set up and weeks (or months) to have it up and running. However, Vend’s cloud software platform costs a fraction of the price and retailers can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Needless to say, Vend already has thousands of customers across the globe. What’s interesting to note is that Vend operates out of New Zealand. Vend’s rise has been fun to watch.
Congratulations to Vaughan Rowsell!