Ten GoDaddy Commercials to Talk About

GoDaddy is an established web hosting provider who is better known for their controversial advertising. Anyone who has seen a GoDaddy commercial knows they will see one of two things: either Danica Patrick or some other ‘GoDaddy girl’ in a racy and sexualized ad, or a satirical “It’s Go Time” ad with the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme or some other celebrity. We at CloudWedge have collected a short list of what we have found to be ten of the best (or worst?) GoDaddy Commercials.

 Editors note: Due to the editorial standards of this site some of the videos will only appear here as a link to Youtube.

We start with last year’s Superbowl commercial featuring Bar Refaeli making out with a computer nerd. We warn our readers to watch at your own risk.


The next ad definitely comes under the most cringe worthy Danica Patrick GoDaddy ad. All we are going to say is: Beaver


“At least they gave you the double D’s”

Danica Patrick gets ripped for ‘The Bodybuilder’

Then we have the more traditional: Have you got what it takes to be a GoDaddy guy?

Or GoDaddy Girl?

Then things get a little weird, because who doesn’t want to hear a high school nerd singing?

Or see Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits while weightlifting

Or playing musical instruments

And finally, this ad is just an excuse to see Danica Patrick in the shower.


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