10 Signs You’re a Dropbox Hoarder

With many of the top cloud storage providers increasing capacity to around 500GB, many users are being asked the question: do you really need it? With all this extra space it is easy to be as messy with your Dropbox as a teenage boy is with his room. Here are ten failsafe ways to tell if you have become a Dropbox hoarder:

  1. You still have documents from your 8th grade history class
  2. You have more folders in your Dropbox than grooming products
  3. You have enabled to direct camera to Dropbox upload feature on your phone app
  4. You have Dropbox installed on every device possible
  5. You kept all 50 pictures from your third cousin Cindy’s son’s christening
  6. You have music that you haven’t listened to since you were 15
  7. You have more useless items stored in your main Dropbox folder than the average man has in his man drawer
  8. You have multiple versions of the same file but can’t bring yourself  the delete any of them
  9. You have consequently used up all of your 500GB capacity
  10.  You have such a need to store documents that you have also started using your partners Dropbox storage

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Are you looking for help with this problem? Here are some tips on how to clear your storage clutter.