Vantage Cloud Simplifies Cloud Compliance

Actiance is a global leader in information security. With a press release, the security giant has released details on its new secure cloud offering called Vantage Cloud. What is Vantage Cloud? The idea behind Vantage Cloud was to create a system that gives granular control mechanisms to administrators in order to achieve ultimate compliance. Vantage Cloud was specifically tasked with ensuring that organizations that must conform to SEC, FINRA, IIROC and FCA regulations can stay compliant using the Vantage Cloud solution.

Sean Pike from IDC comments, “The larger trend of moving IT applications to the cloud has created a need for cloud-based compliance and eDiscovery services.” Pike continues by saying, “Software-as-a-Service offerings, like the Actiance Governance Platform, allow companies to meet their requirements for internal governance, regulatory compliance, and eDiscovery readiness without having to make additional investment in infrastructure and staffing.”

It’s no secret that organizations are actively looking for ways to move into the cloud. The hardest part about the entire migration is how to do it properly. Achieving compliance when moving an entire workload into the cloud is essential for some industries. Cloud compliance is possible; it just must be done correctly. With Vantage Cloud, organizations will have an out of the box solution that conforms to the regulations surrounding specific industries. Vantage Cloud touts itself as being a secure SaaS play that is expected to be picked up by large institutions.

Kailash Ambwani, CEO and President of Actiance, described his new offering by saying, “With the release of Vantage Cloud, Actiance now provides customers with the option to deploy Vantage on premise or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).” Ambwani goes on to say, “For over 12 years, Vantage has provided organizations with the ability to let employees collaborate freely in the workplace, across many different communication and collaboration applications, with the knowledge that they are simultaneously mitigating legal, regulatory, records information management and IT/security risk.”