2nd Watch Gets $23M in Investments

2nd Watch has just raised $23 million which will help their specialization in migrating a company’s core IT functions to the Amazon cloud. 2nd Watch was founded in 2010 and quickly shifted their focus to Amazon Web Services. Columbia Capital and Madrona Venture Group provided the capital for the cloud migration consulting enterprise.  2nd Watch plans on using the new capital to expand its operations all across the United States. In the next year, 2nd Watch plans on opening up offices in Atlanta, Southern California and Texas. Efforts are underway to secure an office in the Midwest although the exact city has not been named. 2nd Watch currently employs about 100 people and the workforce is expected to reach 200 with the expansion of new offices.

Companies that were once hesitant to adopt cloud infrastructure due to government regulations or security concerns are more at ease with using Amazon Web Services as their cloud infrastructure provider because it meets and exceeds many regulatory guidelines in terms of reliability and security.  Not only does 2nd Watch provide cloud migration services, the firm also helps bring IT staff up to speed on how to engineer, manage and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure.
2nd Watch has performed over 300 migrations to public cloud infrastructures since starting back in 2010. The company prefers using Amazon Web Services for its clients because of the scalability of the model. Regardless of the amount of resources that 2nd Watch’s clients need, Amazon Web Services will be able to provide it within seconds to minutes. Since Amazon Web Services operates on razor thin profit margins, using Amazon tends to be a better pricing model than others currently available. 2nd Watch pitches “Infinite Infrastructure” to its clients and the pitch has certainly paid off. 2nd Watch currently has offices in Seattle, New York and San Francisco in addition to its Liberty Lake, Washington headquarters.