Achieve3000 Adds Smarty Ants into its Portfolio of Cloud Based Educational Tools

Image Attribution: Flickr

Achieve3000 is a company that refers to itself as the leader in differentiated instruction. The educational leader has just announced the acquisition of the popular reading program, Smarty Ants, into its portfolio of cloud based educational tools.
Smarty Ants is a software title that has won several awards for helping kids learn how to read. Smarty Ants was developed by Mike Wood, Dr. David Pearson, Dr. Robert Calfee and Dr. Mia Callahan. The reading program is designed to teach children in preschool all the way up to 2nd grade about foundational literacy skills.
Achieve3000 is using Smarty Ants to compliment its already existing lineup of literacy productions. Achieve3000 also offers KidBiz3000 for 2nd graders to 5th graders, TeenBiz3000 for middle schoolers and Empower3000 for high school learners. Achieve3000 also publishes Spark3000, a tool to help adults learn about literacy.
“We believe that meeting kids at their precise reading levels is the key to accelerating reading gains. In fact, students who use our solutions make double to triple the expected reading gains in one school year,” says Achieve3000 CEO Saki Dodelson.
“We feel that Smarty Ants will address a critical need, and are so excited to add it to our suite of online differentiated instruction solutions,” added Dodelson.
With Achieve3000 hosting their new Smarty Ants offering in the cloud, parents can simply load up the literacy software on any computer, laptop or tablet and let their child learn in a fun and interactive fashion.
Smarty Ants helps children with phonics by giving them over 90 unique learning paths. The software uses cloud to adapt to the child’s progress, ensuring that all learners stay engaged. Because of this, each student who uses Smarty Ants get a personalized experience based on their progress. It should also be noted that Smarty Ants won the SIIA CODiE Award in 2012 for Best Educational Game.