Adobe Discontinues Revel Photo Sharing Service; Pitches Creative Cloud as Replacement

Those who have been utilizing Adobe’s Revel photo sharing services have been asked to migrate into a Creative Cloud Photography subscription. Current Adobe Revel users will be able to get a free 30 day subscription the to the Creative Cloud service.
Adobe seems to be retiring Revel due to Adobe’s involvement in SaaS services. If you read into the statements found on the Adobe Revel site, you could assume that Adobe was listening to the feedback of their customers.
“Members of all skill levels, from beginner to pro, have told us they think the Creative Cloud Photography plan is the world’s best and most comprehensive photography solution yet,” reads the Revel website.
The website goes on to give users instructions on how to backup their files and migrate them into the Adobe’s Lightroom app.
Revel users who do choose to take up Adobe on its 1 month free trial of Creative Cloud will receive Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC and more. Users will be able to use Photoshop Fix, which provides the ability to crop, edit, change the size of the picture and more.
The tombstone date for Adobe Revel has been set to February 23rd 2016. The application has been removed from all app stores as of November 20th and Adobe has mentioned that users will need to retrieve their data by May 24th 2016 to ensure the safety of their files and photos on the Revel service.
Those who have paid for Revel and do not wish to migrate over to the Creative Cloud system could be eligible for a refund. Impacted users will receive an email entitled “Important notification – Download your Revel photos and videos now” which will provide additional details on what users can do next. Adobe has setup dedicated support, should you need assistance in performing this migration.