Cloud Connected Homes to be Featured on Lifetime’s Designing Spaces

Image Attribution: Flickr

A critically acclaimed home improvement show called Designing Spaces will kick off its 11th season of the show by introducing its viewers to the cloud connected home. The production crew of Designing Spaces has reached out to Frontier Secure, a business that specializes in providing innovations for both business and home owners, to provide the customizations.
Frontier Secure will use the popular Lifetime television show to showcase many of the latest features available for the cloud connected home. The title of Designing Space’s first episode of the 11th season is called “Embracing the Connected Living Space, Innovations for Today’s Digital Family.”
In a press release discussing the upcoming season, the Designing Spaces show will chronicle the cloud transformation of a Frontier Secure employee’s into a cloud connected home.
The episode, which is scheduled to air January 1st 2016, documents how Frontier Secure introduces used various cloud connected technologies to improve the safety, security and accessibility of a typical American home. Frontier Secure will go use the show to talk about many of the new Connected Home products that are available on the market today.
For example, the show expected to talk about Nest and the popular NestCam product lineup.
Designing Spaces has gained popularity for showing consumers easy and affordable methods of improving your home. Best of all, the methods that are shown on Designing Spaces show give you the knowledge on how to perform many of these projects yourself.