Cloud Security Alliance Congress to Hold Annual Meeting on Dec 4th-5th

On December 4th and 5th, the Cloud Security Alliance Congress will hold its 4th annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. This annual meeting brings together tech titans and chief information officers as well as key decision makers in organizations who want to move their IT operations into the cloud. This event will have over 60 presentations and workshops which will allow attendees to get the most up to date information on the cloud infrastructure. Topics will include cloud security, data management within the cloud, mobile devices that use the cloud and best practices while using the cloud.

The event will cater to just about anyone who is currently running a cloud infrastructure to those who are new to the cloud and want to institute a new method of doing business. One of the keynote speakers will be Jon-Michael C. Brook. Jon-Michael is the former cloud and security architect at Symantec. His presentation will include international standards on cloud technology including the politics surrounding the topic. He will go on to talk about how to protect your cloud from spying eyes such a malicious hackers or government agencies.
Another key presenter will be Peter Guerra. He will talk about how to secure petabytes of information within the cloud.  He will talk about what the big data security issues are and how to combat those issues in a live production environment. Maybe the most important presentation for large companies will be a presentation by Kristy Westphal. She is the Director of Security Operations for T-Systems in North America. Her presentation will focus on how to find weaknesses in security. She will present a series of tests and scenarios and she will demonstrate the best practices in each scenario which will in return help users combat security vulnerabilities within the cloud.