CloudBerry Backup Supports Google Cloud Platform’s Coldline

Google Cloud Platform has introduced a new service called Google Cloud Storage Coldline which offers archive cloud storage for the lowest monthly price of all Google Cloud Storage classes. Let’s see what it is and how to use it with CloudBerry Backup.

Cold and Cool Storage Concept

Sooner or later every company faces the problem of a growing data amount and need to put unnecessary volume on hold. So, largest cloud providers offer so-called cool and cold storage options separately from standard or regular ones.
CloudBerry is now supporting Google Cloud Platform’s new Coldline storage class, which is designed for long-term data retention and offers the lowest monthly cost of all Google Cloud Storage classes – $0.007 / GB-month. The new GCP cold archival solution is part of a unified offering for Google Cloud Storage, which provides different price and availability points that match customer’s storage needs. Coldline helps address some of the drawbacks of traditional cold storage: data is still usable by applications when needed and its latency matches the other storage classes, with 99% SLA.

How to Enable Google Cloud Storage Coldline in CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup comes with full support for the new storage by Google Cloud Platform. You can enable it while configuring Google Cloud Storage account.

  1. OpenMain Menu, select Add New Account and choose Google Cloud among storage options. In the Google Cloud Account window, specify access credentials and create a new bucket. Choose Coldline storage class for it.
  2. Then create new Backup Plan. The Wizard will start
  3. On the Select Cloud Storage step of the Wizard, choose the newly created Google Cloud account
  4. Proceed the rest of the steps and finish the Wizard

This will create a new backup plan with Google Cloud Storage Coldline as an endpoint for your backups.


The new Coldline storage complements existing Google Cloud Storage portfolio, enabling you to store rarely used data at lower cost. It is available with the same terms as Nearline tier but designed for less than one access per year. You can start using Google Cloud Storage Coldline with CloudBerry Backup today.
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the CloudBerry Lab website.