Cloud/Enterprise Management Conference Announced for April 21-22

Cloud / Enterprise Management Conference has been announced and its being brought to you by Penton Technology. The C/EMC conference is being held on April 21st-22nd at the TradeWinds Island Resort near St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. Registration is currently available for this event on the C/EMC website. According to the registration page, the cost to attend this function ranges in the $945-$995 range. With your package, C/EMC guarantees that you will receive:
• Online Access to Session Recordings
• Opening Reception
• Access to Session Presentation Materials
• Vendor Receptions
• General Networking Events
• Breakfast and Coffee (Tuesday-Wednesday)
• Lunch (Tuesday-Wednesday)
• Conference Registration Giveaway
Who Should Attend C/EMC?
If you’re an IT decision maker looking to get your feet wet in the world of cloud, this conference is for you. C/EMC invites anyone who makes IT decisions within an organization to attend this conference.
What Will Attendees Learn?
Those who attend the conference will receive expert insight into planning their organization’s cloud endeavors. The strategies learned at this conference help managers and decision makers more easily roll out cloud to the groups that they support. Attendees will get overviews of individual cloud offerings, how to use cloud as a profit vertical, how to establish priorities when performing a network overhaul and how to “Future-proof” the careers of IT professionals going forward.
Attendees also get expert analysis on trust worthy resellers as well as strategies that help you on-board your team onto the new team onto the process. Networking with cloud service resellers could help put your organization in a position to resell another company’s cloud product or become a value added reseller.
More Information about C/EMC
The C/EMC website does not list who the speakers will be on hand for this event. As more information becomes available, the website will likely make updates as they go along. C/EMC mentions that they are not providing a open call for the speakers at this event. Speakers will touch on each of the major cloud public platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM’s SoftLayer.
Social Media Surrounding C/EMC
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