CudaDrive Announces End of Life – Barracuda to Focus on Enterprise Backups

Barracuda has a made a name for itself as a leader in data center appliances, email management and spam protection services.
CudaDrive, Barracuda’s personal cloud storage service, has now reached it’s end of life and Barracuda reports that the cloud file storage service will cease to operate as of May 1st 2016.
A report posted on the Barracuda website says that the reason that they have announced the end of life for this product is due to the company wanting to merge its CudaDrive team with its Enterprise Storage Backup team.
“There is a huge amount of opportunity in Backup, Data Protection and Business Continuity features in the cloud, and adding the talented people from the CudaDrive team will allow us to more quickly and efficiently deploy new features and satisfy market and customer demands,” says Rod Mathews, VP & GM of Storage at Barracuda.
“The combined teams are a very impressive group, and we will be able to deliver much more to our backup customers and partners going forward,” adds Mathews.
The blog post went on to describe the discontinuation of CudaDrive as “Disappointing.”
On the flip side, Barracuda has posted a step-by-step guide on its website showing users how to move their files onto another cloud storage website.
Barracuda has mentioned that it has partnered with Mover to make the transition process simple and easy. The instructions provide answers on how utilize the data migration service to sync your CudaDrive files with OneDrive.
There are also instructions for how to move these files over to your local hard drive or to another 3rd party cloud storage service.
CudaDrive’s personal file storage service lasted over 4 years with the company sharing out millions of files to users all around the world. We’ll be sure to follow up when more news regarding Barracuda’s new Enterprise Cloud Storage Backup solution begins hitting the newswires.