Datalink’s Services Help Bridge Public and Private Clouds

Large enterprises have the tendency to first build out a private cloud before making the decision to use the public cloud. Once both environments are up and running, the question that many admins are left asking themselves is how do they successfully bridge these two independent solutions into a fully functional hybrid cloud? Datalink is a cloud provider and consulting firm for medium to large enterprises. The company aims to make the integration between the public cloud and a company’s on-premises private cloud painless and easy to manage regardless of vendor.

Datalink understands that the top priority of businesses is to consolidate and simplify their information technology offerings. From a business perspective, a company that has less moving parts will also have less overall parts to maintain and fix. This has prompted the sudden explosion in popularity of vendor neutral hybrid cloud solutions such as Datalink.
The most popular offerings from Datalink are IT as a Service (ITaaS) and VirtualDynamicDataCenter.    Each of these offerings helps bridge together public and private cloud solutions. As a result, Datalink takes much of the guesswork out of delivering IT services to end users. Datalink consults its clients on how to more efficiently run their IT services using the cloud. This approach focuses on consolidation, integration, automation and federation of services.
Like many other cloud solutions, you can always try before you buy Datalink. This allows consumers to sample each of the services offered by Datalink. The business’s decision maker can then select which methods of consolidating IT makes the most sense in their specific business environment.
Mark Myers is a Director at Datalink. He says that Datalink can “Figure out what their processes are, understanding what they have to deliver, aligning that to business, moving to a private cloud, and then moving to a public cloud, but also finding places where public cloud can help right away.” As more corporations move towards the hybrid cloud model, expect more companies to seek out solutions such as Datalink.